Find Out How to Make the Right Decision

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Every day we are faced with one decision after another - some are more important than others. Nevertheless, how you handle these decisions can significantly impact the direction and quality of your life, friends, family and those others around you. Here are a few simple ways for you to approach making a decision that you know to be important - or one that you may not be sure about...

  • Say It Out Loud
    Simply say it to yourself - out loud. Does it sound like a good decision? Do you have a good gut feeling about the decision you are about to make? This is a quick easy way to gauge and tap into your intuition and innate intelligence. As I'm sure you have experienced throughout your life, often times it is your initial instinct that was correct - and you either could have saved some time or made the right decision if you only would have listened to yourself. Essentially, saying it out loud is a different method of asking yourself for approval relative to the decision at hand.
  • Get at Least One Opinion
    You'd be surprised how often hearing one single opinion can completely change your viewpoint on a certain situation. I would recommend getting as many opinions as necessary until you are completely comfortable with your direction. When you do this, you realize how willing other people are to help you. And by doing so, you create great relationships that enable you to both give and receive beneficial information. If you consistently work together to gain knowledge and information with your network of friends, family, colleagues, etc. - you will notice that your ability to creatively make decisions and solve problems increases dramatically.
  • Do a Little Research
    When it comes time to make that important decision. Be an expert. Understand the process. Know the limitations and possibilities of everything you do. Remember that there is at least a second side to everything. Therefore, researching and learning everything you can leading up to the actual decision can prove to be very valuable. In doing so, you're setting yourself to make the right decision with high confidence because you understand the dynamics of your decision's consequences based on your insight gained through some simple, quick internet research.
  • Visualize the Outcome
    In your mind, walk yourself through acting out actually making a decision. What do you see happening? How will you react? How will others react? Employing this approach in essence mentally prepares you. Envisioning different scenarios sparks your creativity relative to your situation or decision - and allows you to dive deeper. See yourself making the right decision - or see yourself becoming successful at the task at hand. This immediately sets the tone and sets you up for a desirable outcome. Learning to visualize can be very powerful and beneficial.
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Find Out How to Make the Right Decision

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This article was published on 2010/03/28