Making Better Decisions - A Manager's Guide to Successful Decision Making

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Many people in the workforce end up in positions of management. Once in these positions they have responsibilities and need to make decisions that sometimes impact the lives of other people. In fact, often whatever your job role you need to make decisions.

Decision making isn't a process that comes naturally for many people. Often you can find yourself torn between two choices and struggling to make the right choice. Decision making is an art and something that you can learn.

Firstly you need to classify the choice you have to make. Is it a major decision or minor one? Is it even a choice that you need to make? Is it something that can, or should, be delegated to someone below you in the management chain?

Managers often find that their time is being wasted because they are making decisions that they don't need to be making; decisions that should really be made by someone else. If you empower your staff to make some of these choices on their own it will free up your time and help you to focus on other, important matters.

Obviously, your staff need to know the limits of their decision making responsibilities. The last thing you want is an employee making major decisions if they do not have the authority to make that decision. That could cause some serious problems.

So, make sure that your employees know they can make decision, but make sure they know the limits of their decisions.

The second key is for you to have all the facts at your disposal when you make a decision. Very often you may feel pressurized in to making a decision, which can be the wrong thing to do. Stop and take stock of the situation and find out what the facts are.

When you know the facts, it may well influence your decision. Often the facts can make a big difference because you then have all the information you need to make an informed decision. This has more chance of being correct because you have the facts.

Never leave the site of a decision without making one. Always make a decision, even if it is to get more information. This will build your decision muscle and help you to make further decisions in the future.

Whenever you are called upon to make a decision, listen to your gut instinct. In many occasions this initial instinct is right and often gathering the facts will confirm your gut feeling. Many managers ignore their instincts and instead allow themselves to be controlled by their logical side. Always listen to that intuitive instinct because it is a deep seated instinct that is often right.

Making decisions is an important part of being a manager and working in today's society. Be prepared to be called upon to make decisions and be ready to decide. Follow these tips and you will find it easier to make decisions.

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Making Better Decisions - A Manager's Guide to Successful Decision Making

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This article was published on 2010/07/09